Thursday, December 1, 2011


Chunky beads , giant  cuffs ,bold neck pieces......jewellery comes super-sized ! Women no longer view accessories simply as investment pieces. .Now ,women are ready to let loose and have fun again ! When the weather is gloomy and we have no mood ,we just wear a funky accessory and we brighten our day immediately. Now ,you would say ,can a accessory erase the problems ? No,of course not but this can give us a touch of joy !! And , lucky for us ,there is a great variety .Fur trims , clutch bags,  large earrings, Navajo beading on high heels, amazing hats...from berets to beanies. Especially hats are a very practical trend. There are plenty of warming options ( Marc Jacobs ,Missoni, Moschino ). Finally,  knee-high boots are chic with a midi skirt and super with oversized cashmere !!


                                                                                pictures via streetfsn

                                                                            picture via tfs

                                                                   picture  vogue it via the Fashion Spot

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                                                                                          pictures via tfs


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