Friday, November 25, 2011


picture via (Elle August 2011)

Faux fur  is rich, popular, warm..and some of those coats are painfully beautiful out there. So  it is surely a hot trend for one more winter. Fortunately, there is no longer the old idea that faux fur looks "cheap" and  lots of prominent designers only work with faux fur  as Chanel, Fendi , Isabel Marant.......

These are some key tips: Light, bulky pieces as  light gray, white add volume . Those best suit to tall, thin girls or petite but  in this case wear high heels. The other alternative is one vest. This creates ideal balanced proportions. Finally ,the easiest and most painless way is  an accessory with faux fur but this is something that we can do with all the hot trends !

Now, the dark colors as black, brown, blue. These do not add volume . The coats are more ladylike, the folk element is to a lesser degree and any body type can wear them. Also, the combination of  fur and knitted is very flattering and cool .  This is beautifully combined with skinny jeans ,leggings, stretched skirts or dresses.
I hope that you like my advices.
Kisses !!!!!

                          picture via Knight Cat (elle august 2011)

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Vicky A. said...

se euxaristw polu gia to sxolio sou!!! 8eleis na akolou8hsoume h mia thn allh? an 8eleis enhmerwse me etsi wste na se akolou8hsw kai egw :) filiaaa

connie l. said...
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connie l. said...

They all look so good in fur! I'm not sure if I could pull off a full out fur coat so I'd maybe do a vest!

Ayshe Rose said...

Very chic!

Ayshe Rose said...

I love it!

Wida said...

I loveeeeeeeeee faux-fur!!

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