Saturday, January 7, 2012


These days , I see constantly photos and editorials of new spring - summer fashion trends . We are in the middle of winter but fashion is always ahead . I am fascinated  by the bright colors ,the airy fabrics , the white lace , long dresses under the summer sun ... Probably it has to do with the fact that bright colors subconsciously associated with pleasure and optimism .  So going through all these photos I realize that designers , not all of them but many , return to handmade . I mean that  they create fashion pieces with  embroidery , just like our grandmothers who made handmade tablecloths ..So,  designers   come back to retro values  and they  leave behind  the precious materials  ?? What I like most in this trend is  embroidered flowers , over dresses which resemble dimensional . It`s like to be sprung from countryside . The truth is that fashion always gets elements from the past and what today is  demode , tomorrow will be hot trend !

Kisses from me !

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ss fashion world said...

thank you for sharing this, its really inspirational !
amazing post, and really great blog :)
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Maria V said...

Lovely looks! I agree with you fashion always goes in spirals! Isn't amazing?

Have a great Sunday, lovely!

Paula said...

Love this, it´s lovely to see the come back of hand made clothes/ embroidery! Thanks for stopping by my blog dear, yours is great! I´m following now! :)

Have a fab Sunday! xx

Anita Anota said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! now I´m your new follower!!!
I love this post!! kisses!

Sol said...

Definitely embroidery, broderie and lace are THE trend for the summer. We're in summer over here (Argentina) and already thinking of winter fashion!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing by my blog!!!
Yes,I agree with the follow each other! I follow you :)

Zoe said...

Love the yelow drees with that heels!:)

Camilla Lins de Vasconcelos said...

Thank you my dear!! Course we can follow each other!! I'm following you now!! Happy new year for you too! Kisses

S.D.S. said...

Bom dia! que demais haha
adorei, beijos!
e boa semana ;)

feH said...

Love this collection, so creative :D

Bonnie said...

I am in love with the use of bright colors in this collection. There needs to be more brights in the world!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

LINDA said...

Cute post! Beautiful! ♥♥♥


Linda from

Hanna & Christel said...

all totally amazing designs! we love it!


Maria Nunes said...

I like colection.kiss

Pauline said...

spectacular designs! Kisses!

ANGELO said...

GREA POST!!!!!!!!!!

Reptilia said...

LOVE Emillio Pucci's dresses!!


Raquel T.G. said...

Embroidered flowers are gorgeous :) Following you!